Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails, Railton, Tasmania

Client Latrobe and Kentish Council, Tasmania

Date January 2019 to current (stage 3 happening)

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It’s no secret; Tasmania has become a world-famous hub for Mountain bikers with new trails being constructed all over the Apple Isle and the Wild Mersey Trails are a great addition to the growing network of trails, catering from everyone from young to old, novice to expert riders.

TrailScapes was contracted to construct Stage 2 of the Wild Mersey MTB Trails, which concentrated on the charming and quaint town of Railton (town of Topiary if you’re into the art of ornamental shrubs!). The trailhead, located at Goliath Park in Railton, features toilets, showers, bike wash, and one of the best asphalt pump track in the country!

From here, you can head into the hills for a 5km loop and tackle the “Teleport” climb which rewards you with the “Green Hornet” descent! You can also take the “Railton Express”, a 10km trail linking Latrobe and Railton, passing through pine forests and offering occasional views of the Mersey River.

Stage 3 trails are well under way. A large portion of these trails have already been officially opened and instantly became a hit. You have probably seen pictures of the Super Hornet in all the magazines, online publications and social media posts with its picture perfect berms and herringbone lily pad jump feature. The network is all about diversity and, believe us, it’s not all flow trail! Echidin’me and Gnarvana are raw, rowdy, rocky trails that will test some skills while Woodhooker and Ewok are longer, scenic cross-country trails that will take you through some stunning Tasmanian landscapes. With over 60kms of completed trails, Wild Mersey should already be on everyone’s TO RIDE list.

Super Hot Tip 1: don’t miss Limestone Cafe Bakery for food, Trailways for bike-friendly accommodation in Railton and Seven Sheds Brewery and Railton hotel for post-ride beers.

Super Hot Tip 2: Railton is close to Devonport so this is a MUST stop as soon as you arrive OR before hopping back on the ferry after your MTB holiday. Go for one last spin, challenge your mates to a pump track battle, wash and pack your bike, have a shower, have a beer, then head to the ferry! Boom.

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