TrailScapes Pty Ltd


TrailScapes Pty Ltd provide a complete range of trail design, construction and assessment services through our experienced team of professional trail builders and consultants.


We design and construct all types of trails; including, but not limited to, International Standard Mountain Bike Parks, Competition and Recreational Mountain Bike trails, Recreational Walking and Horse-riding trails, BMX, Dirt jump and Pump tracks, and Shared Use trails.

Our trail designs incorporate world-class features, such as rock armouring to improve durability and longevity of your trail, technical trail features for more challenging courses and innovative drainage solutions. We also provide natural trail surfacing and re-surfacing services.

We also design, construct and install a complete range of structural elements, including shelters, bridges and boardwalks. Our trail structures not only enhance trail aesthetics, but also greatly improve user access. In addition, we can also install specially designed Phytophthora stations to help prevent the spread of plant-damaging pathogens.


TrailScapes provide comprehensive and objective auditing services to completely evaluate your trail project from A to Z. Our audits include Project Feasibility Reports, GPS mapping services, Risk Management audits, Signage consultation and General trail audits to assess problematic areas such as drainage and also provide an insight into the demographics of current trail users and their frequency of use.

We also provide specialised auditing services for Council municipalities. We can assess your BMX facilities, Dirt Jump areas or Pump track on a one-time or regular basis to evaluate safety or maintenance issues. Our concise reports will help you decide on a course of action to correct any problems before they become public liabilities.


TrailScapes also conducts volunteer training programs.

TrailScapes provides Trail Building courses to volunteer groups, Mountain Bike clubs, government departments and anyone who wants to learn how to build and maintain trails for hiking or mountain biking.

We customise the course to each individual client’s requirements. Some times, the course might be in a classroom setting with mainly theory and PowerPoint presentations and other times, the course is very hands-on and student learn to use tools and machinery. It all depends on the amount of experience the group has prior to starting the course. Garry Patterson is a friendly and approachable instructor with a wealth of experience and knowledge he likes to share.

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TrailScapes Pty Ltd is the fastest growing trail building company in Australia, and an industry leader in the planning, design, building and maintenance of sustainable trails Australia-wide and world-wide.

Our innovative trail designs focus on integrating and enhancing the existing environment in a sustainable and durable manner, with minimal effect on the local flora and fauna.

We design and build all types of trails, including International Standard Mountain Bike Parks, Competition and Recreational Mountain Bike trails, Recreational Walking and Horse-riding trails, BMX, Dirt-jump and Pump tracks, and Shared-Used trails that benefit all kinds of users. In addition, we offer comprehensive trail auditing services including feasibility reports, signage consulting and risk management audits.

Our team are passionate about the environment and have extensive knowledge of Australia’s trail networks, including formal and informal trail use, biodiversity management principles, conservation objectives, and relevant legislation, strategies and management plans. We are committed to operating efficiently and safely, and our team has proven experience operating in remote outback areas.

TrailScapes is synonymous with excellence in trail design and construction and to date, we have constructed over 170 kilometres of new trail, repaired and audited thousands of kilometers of trails for major government departments, local councils and sporting organisations throughout Australia and Asia. We pride ourselves on our perfect record of delivering projects within time-frame and on budget.

We use the latest in trail building equipment and construction techniques, and even manufacture our own trail tools right here in Australia.

Our team has completed complex projects requiring lateral thinking such as the use of helicopters for the delivery of construction materials in difficult to access or environmentally sensitive areas.

TrailScapes Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Garry Patterson, a founding member of Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and Inside Line MTB Club, and a former National Mountain Bike Champion. Garry has been actively developing and constructing IMBA Standard Mountain Bike trails since 1992 and brings a wealth of knowledge in sustainable trail design to the TrailScapes team.

To view more images from our trail projects, please visit the galleries on our Projects page.